Through the Web Site Control Panel, you are able to monitor every aspect of your online presence. You will have at hand thorough stats, which will provide you with real–time info about the resources your sites are using along with the visits they are receiving. You’ll also find various essential info about the system as a whole. The data is split into parts, so that you can quickly find your way around.

Server Data

Detailed information about your hosting server

Inside the Server Information section of the Web Site Control Panel, you’ll find detailed information about the server your cloud web hosting account is located on. You can check out the OS, the actual IP address along with the present Perl/MySQL variations, get more info for the setup Perl modules and also the inbound and outgoing mailing servers, track the hosting server load, etcetera.

You will also get more information around the PHP variation without the need to put together phpinfo files, and so on.

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Access & Error Logs

Receive info on your websites’ functionality

Utilizing the data collected in the Access & Error Records section of your Web Site Control Panel, you are able to track down virtually any eventual issues with the operation of your web sites. The access reports will show you all sorts of files such as texts, images and movies that were reviewed by your visitors whilst the error records will record any kind of alerts and issues that have happened during their stay on your web site.

It is easy to download the access and error listing data files for each of your active sites from the Web Stats Manager part of your Web Site Control Panel.

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Website Traffic Statistics

Review the traffic to your site in great detail

Through the web statistics applications incorporated into the cloud-acquistare Web Site Control Panel, you can keep tabs on the visitors on your web site in the greatest detail. You can select in between a couple of common interfaces – Webalizer and Awstats, both of which provide you with in–depth information about the viewers to your web site as well as the content they read on a daily, weekly and monthly principle.

It’s not necessary to configure anything upfront to receive website traffic details for your sites. Within the Traffic Stats area of your Web Site Control Panel, simply open up the data report for any particular site and get the figures you will need for your advertising and marketing campaigns.

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CPU Reports

Keep track of your sites’ CPU load

The server’s CPU is important for the interaction and communication between the website and its site visitors. The more complex and resource–utilizing your websites are, the more host assets and CPU time will be demanded. From the CPU stats area, you’ll be able to check which site is employing the largest amount of CPU assets.

You should consider steps to optimize your web sites in case the CPU usage quota is exceeded. You will find in–depth reports for each day and month and for an entire year.

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